In an effort to stifle freedom of expression, Google’s YouTube has removed the Alex Jones Channel from YouTube. YouTube claims that the channel violated copyright when Alex displayed a newspaper headline in one of his videos. This is bullshit. TV news shows regularly show and quote daily newspaper headlines. Hell in my locale a news talk show regularly reads articles on the air and then invites listeners to call in to discuss the article.

Also, watch the video at the end of this posting…I think the White House was involved too.

Now before you start slamming me for being another Alex Jones fan…in truth, I am not. He has a lot of ‘out-there’ ideas that I dismiss…but really does that matter? He has a right to say and think what he wants and if ti pisses people off…too bad. Censorship is wrong and is an erosion of freedom.


There was no copyright infringement. This is the stifling of free speech. Jones, with over 33,000 subscribers, was getting too big and YouTube shut him down because he was dissing too many of Google’s corporate buddies. Why would you expect anything else from Google? After all Google was founded on some seed money from the CIA.

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The world is so damn corrupt right now…if I had any hair left to pull out I would.

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